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It is 8:42 PM Friday night in the flow of life. I am in my main study recovering from the day. I should go to bed, but it is too early for me right now. I plan to go to bed around 10:30 PM. My wife has gone to bed since she was very tired.

We left for Grand Rapids this afternoon around 2:30 PM. We got at Caleb, Emily and baby Josephine's new apartment around 3 o'clock PM. We hung out at the apartment for awhile because Caleb had some work to do. I left for 30 minutes to visit my favorite record store in Grand Rapids Vertigo Music. I bought three new CD's and one used CD at Vertigo's. After buying some music I drove back to the apartment. Afterwards we walked to a local Mexican Restaurant from Caleb's place and had a special dinner to celebrate Carol and Caleb's birthdays. We walked back to their apartment after the meal. Carol and Emily gave little Josie a bath and then Carol and I left for Holland/home. Carol and I were home around 6:30 PM. More could be written but I lack the strength or words. We had a good time visiting Caleb, Emily, and Josephine today. Caleb, Emily, and Josie are coming over to our place this coming Sunday to watch Superbowl 2015.

Not much else to report. Well I could write all kinds of stuff but I am tired and overfed. I suppose I will close to sit and digest everything/food.

Before Carol went to sleep we had music.

music Flying Lotus 'Until the Quiet Comes'

I do not think I read anything today. The day got away from me. Tomorrow is a Saturday, the last day of January 2015. I volunteer at the Herrick Public Library Used Book Store tomorrow from 10 AM till 1 PM. Tomorrow afternoon when I get home we are meeting up with Carol's younger brother Cal and his wife Beth for lunch at a local Mexican restaurant/Cal is taking us out for lunch because it is his sister's birthday this week (yesterday was Carol's birthday).

Well, I will close to feel blown out. Tomorrow will soon be here.

Nani & Josie
Carol & Josie

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