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measles epidemic

It is 5:49 AM early Friday morning. Carol and a weird dream woke me up this morning. I got up around 5 o'clock AM. I plan to go back to bed soon. I will go down into the lower level and sleep. I am not a early bird. I always feel better if I sleep till at least 7 o'clock AM even better if I sleep till 8 o'clock AM.

So here I sit in my main study writing on my lap top. I found out this morning one of my favorite bands Lower Dens has a new album coming out in Spring 2015. I love music.

This morning we are suppose to go grocery shopping. We are also driving over to Grand Rapids maybe today to visit Caleb our oldest son, his wife Emily and baby daughter Josephine Joy. Caleb was suppose to fly into Detroit last night and then drive to GR to their new apartment. Carol and I are waiting for a text telling us Caleb made it home safe. The road is a dangerous place especially during the winter months.

Last night I felt really out of it. I do not feel well lately. I feel dissatisfied inside. I am tired of everything. Carol keeps telling me I need to do something physical. I sit around too much. I suppose winter has gotten to me finally.

I read last night from one of my new books titled, "Commentary On Hebrews" (Biblical Theology For Christian Proclamation) by Thomas R. Schreiner. Josiah called last night (our other son) to wish his mother a Happy Birthday. Josiah and his wife Hannah sent flowers yesterday for his mother's birthday. Emily and Josie skyped yesterday and sang Happy Birthday to Carol. Carol and our daughter Bethany text-ed yesterday evening. It seems in Phoenix Arizona there is a measles epidemic due to parents not getting their children immunized. Bethany was afraid Louisa might get measles and get seriously sick. Children can die from measles/brain damage/go blind. It is really stupid for parents to not get their children vaccinated.

So here I sit in my study wasted and sick inside. I should go make for Carol and I a pot of oatmeal. I am trapped.

Below is a quote from an article on Russia's new missile. The good news for today.

"The Sarmat could deliver up to 10 heavy nuclear warheads or 15 medium warheads at targets up to 6,200 miles away, according to the Nuclear Threat Initiative. The missile would carry the warheads into suborbital flight, at which point they would separate and hit independent targets. It can reportedly “flying over the North and South Poles” and “would be capable of overcoming almost any missile defense system,” according to Pravda."

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