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I thought I would write about the years 1971 through 1979 in my life this morning. In my bio in LiveJournal I list the schools I attended over my life span.

John F. Kennedy High School-Richmond Calif. (1968-1970)

Reformed Bible College-Grand Rapids Mich. (1978-1981)

I did not record in my LJ bio that I went to a small Jr. College after High School called Contra Costa Jr. College San Pablo Calif. The following year I attend here in Michigan on Mackinac Island a small Liberal Arts College called Mackinac Island Liberal Arts College for a half a year (Fall 1972). I left Mackinac Island during the Winter break and when I was in California I found out the college was running into financial troubles and would be closing the end of 1972 I decided not to go back. What I did was hitch hike up to Northern California and lived on a Christian Commune for a couple of months. I left the Christian commune after a couple months and hitched hike back down to the San Francisco Bay Area. I do not remember clearly how I survived during that time because I had not place to live and no money. I was involved though at this period in my life in another Christian commune called Richmond House in Richmond Calif.. Around this time the Elders who ran Richmond House had taken over another Christian commune up in Northern California and needed someone to go up to this farm and learn how to take care of the livestock etc. . . So I took a bus up to this Christian commune farm and someone from the farm picked me up at the Bus stop and drove me to this farm up in the hills of Northern California. The people who ran this farm called The Rising Son Ranch were packing up and moving back down to the San Francisco Bay Area (they were older fellows who had decided to get jobs and rise their families and to no longer minister to Hippies/people in the Counter-culture). Well to make a long story short I lived and worked at the Rising Son Ranch for several months but due to some personal troubles with some new people I left the Ranch and went back down to the San Francisco Bay Area. It must be around the year 1973 that I was back in Richmond California. (It was while at Rising Son Ranch I met Tykie).

the Rising Son Ranch

While back in Richmond California I heard from someone that the Richmond Rescue Mission needed Christians to be staff members. So I went down to the Richmond Rescue Mission and joined the Staff to help run the Mission and to evangelize the lost/be a soul winner. Now if my memory is correct I was at the Mission from 1973 to around 1976. I think I left the Mission around late 1976 or early 1977. It was while being at the Mission I came into the Reformed Faith (Calvinism). It was while at the Mission that my then girlfriend Tykie and I went to the Bay Bible Institute for night classes for a short period of time.

Richmond Rescue Mission

After I left the Richmond Rescue Mission in either late 1976 or early 1977 Tykie had moved to Oregon and I had gotten involved with a Christian woman recently divorced with two small boys named Sandy. I did try to go back to Contra Costa Jr. College taking some classes, but had to quit due to getting a grave yard shift job at a 7-11 Store.

It was while going with Sandy I realized I needed to finish my college education if I wanted to go on to seminary and then be ordained in the Christian ministry. So around the Summer of 1978 I left California to attend Reformed Bible College (this college is now called Kuyper College) in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Kuyper College, Grand Rapids MI

Carol and I were married the Spring of 1979.

time line

Mackinac College, Mackinac Island
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