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put on a party hat as you go out into the dead world

It is 10:29 AM Sunday morning. Here it is cold and gray. It is suppose to snow today.

I have had thus far a normal morning. I got up this morning around 7:05 AM to find my wife having morning devotions in the living room. It is blessing having a wife who fears the Lord. I got a cup of coffee and then sat in the dining room waking up to another day in my life. Next I messed with our main computer and then had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. I remember before I went on a diet I would have two eggs, sausage, toast and coffee for breakfast, now I have a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. I also no longer eat cereal or bagels with cream cheese. I do not know why I continue to deprive myself of delicious food. I must be punishing myself for being middle class.

Carol went to church this morning. I have not gone to church in eight years. I think about going to church, but then I feel extremely anxious inside at the thought so here I sit. I do not see going to church as having any real impact in my life. I am living in the holy flow of God life each moment I take a breath. I am in union with the Risen Christ all the time. I am a worshiper of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am a son of God.

I have been reading this morning from these books-

"Moral Reflections on the Book of Job" Volume 1 "Preface and Books 1-5" by Gregory the Great

"Language For God In Patristic Tradition: Wrestling With Biblical Anthropomorphism" by Mark Sheridan

"We Believe in One God" Volume 1 Ancient Christian Doctrine/Edited by Gerald L. Bray

Last night I watched television till 9 o'clock PM. Carol went to bed and I did nothing till 10:30 PM when I went to bed. I slept poorly last night again. I sleep better when I sleep alone, but I do not like sleeping alone. I have been sleeping with Carol going on 36 years.

I have nothing to do today. Carol usually gets home from church around 11:25 AM. We will eat food and then drift through the rest of the day. Carol went downtown this morning to walk and to get a bunch of Sunday newspapers (she also bought another children's book) to read throughout the week. Existence keeps speeding by. I will close to face it. I already fed the birds so that chore is completed for the day.

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