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her long, yellowed teeth looked oddly glamorous, like the ruins of the Acropolis at twilight

It is 7:17 PM Saturday night in the flow. I am sitting in my main study writing on my lap top. I can hear as I type these words the sound of our Smart TV, Carol is watching on Amazon Prime the old TV show 'The Closer'. I have seen most of the episodes of the old TV show 'The Closer' whereas Carol can watch reruns over and over. Also I am really too tired to watch TV tonight. I would go to bed, but it is way too early. I still can't figure out why I hardly slept last night. Weird. Carol often tells me I never get really tired, because I never do anything physical/exercise/walk.

I had a super quiet day after I got home from the library book nook. I watched on YouTube videos of the Watergate Cover Up during the Nixon Presidency. I tried to take a nap down in the lower level, but failed.

Carol got home from her birthday time with friends around 5:30 PM. When she got home I was sitting in the dark in our dining room resting my mind/brain.

I basically read today the novel "Watergate" by Thomas Mallon.

Well I can not think of much else to report. Tomorrow is the last full week of January 2015. We are expecting snow fall throughout the upcoming new week. I am thankful I do not have to go anywhere/drive anywhere next week.

ice icicle
ice icicle  on a tree branch

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