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Wovenhand - Coup Stick

Wait for
Beloved of God
In Peace
enlarges His people

My father is God,
He breaths the people's cause

The Healer He is generous
O the daughter of God
The Everlasting One He is praiseworthy
intelligent, sheep afraid of my fathers brother
the Lord is Judge, God has taken, taken by God
the time of the Lord
God is exalted
the fire of God
God has given
God is He
who God sustains
He strengthens
He who God has helped
God has given
One whose people are many
the people will contend
the people will contend
God has remembered retribution
perfect and agreeable, agreeable

the Comforter

My Messenger, my star
O who is like as You are
hey dove
who delivered salvation
who is like as You are

the Comforter
my messenger the star

it is the Lord that opens
Jehovah He is perfect
He takes possession
He that opens
He that is limiting
God is my strength
God has strengthened
Safely making to forget
the builder, the hidden one

The Lord saves who the Lord sustains
He who Jehovah has set up
God will fortify His people
The Lord is Just
God is great

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