there is no doubt that Stalin wanted a Soviet atomic bomb

It is in the flow of time 3:29 PM late Sunday afternoon. It is a cold sunny afternoon. I am truly thankful from the bottom of heart it is not snowing presently. I am not a lover of snow and ice. I love bright sunny blue sky warm days. So this day goes by like clock work.

I tried watching some professional football, but my mind would not focus. I decided to read this afternoon from a book titled, “Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945″ by Tony Judt.

Carol my dear wife of 35 years going on now 36 years is sleeping. It amazes me to think Carol and I have been married lovers going on 36 years! It seems like Carol and I just met and got married. Where did all those years go? Today I found out one of my favorite writers named Robert Stone died at the age of 77 years. I read today that Stone was married to one woman for 55 years. I often wonder how long Carol and I will be married/be together here on this decaying planet called Earth. I want our marriage to last for eternity.

This week we go into the middle of the month. Every day we get closer to Spring time. The other day our son Josiah sent us an e-mail informing us that Josiah and his wife Hannah will be visiting us over Spring break April 2015. It will be nice to see Joe and Hannah. This month our oldest son Caleb and his wife Emily and their baby girl Josie are moving to Grand Rapids Michigan. So we will now see Caleb, Emily and Josephine Joy throughout the year 2015. In April we can all get together for a big family dinner. Having a close family is a blessing. I am thankful Carol and I are close to our children and their mates/children.

Well I suppose I will close to read and drift into the evening hours. Existence keeps speeding by!

Since I have time to waste I will list the books I have by the American writer Robert Stone since they are in arms length-

"Death of the Black-Haired Girl" a novel by Robert Stone

"Damascus Gate" a novel by Robert Stone

"Prime Green: Remembering The Sixties" a memoir by Robert Stone

"Children Of Light" a novel by Robert Stone

"Dog Soldiers" a novel by Robert Stone

"A Flag For Sunrise" a novel by Robert Stone

"Outerbridge Reach" a novel by Robert Stone

"Bear And His Daughter" Stories by Robert Stone

"A Hall Of Mirrors" a novel by Robert Stone

"Bay Of Souls" a novel by Robert Stone®ion=Header&action=click&contentCollection=New%20York&pgtype=article
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