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Bruce Cockburn

This afternoon in looking at lists of the best non-fiction books of the Year 2014 I discovered that the musician singer songwriter Bruce Cockburn published a memoir. I found this interview with Bruce Cockburn and watched some of it on YouTube.

Years ago when we lived in Mississippi and Texas I listened to the music of Bruce Cockburn all the time. Back in those days I listened to music on cassettes played on a boom box. I remember listening to Bruce Cockburn driving to preaching assignments at small country churches in the deep South while we were students at Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson Miss... When we first moved here to Holland Michigan I saw Bruce Cockburn in concert at Calvin College in Grand Rapids MI. I do not remember right now why I stopped listening to Cockburn's music. All I have of Cockburn's music is on one vinyl record and on seven cassette tapes. My tape player is not working so all my music on cassettes sits in a closet these days. I do not remember if I have any music by Bruce Cockburn on CD in our music library.

Here is a list of the music I have by Bruce Cockburn on cassette and on the one vinyl record-

"The Trouble With Normal" vinyl record 1983 (I bought this record in Jackson Miss. by mistake. At the time we had no record player. I have this record on display in my main study presently along with records by Patti Smith.)

Bruce Cockburn "Humans" 1980

Bruce Cockburn "World Of Wonders" 1985

Bruce Cockburn "Big Circumstance" 1988

Bruce Cockburn "Inner City Front" 1981

Bruce Cockburn "Nothing But A Burning Light" 1991

Bruce Cockburn "Dart To The Heart" CD 1994

Bruce Cockburn "Waiting For A Miracle [Singles 1970-1987]" 1987

Bruce Cockburn "Stealing Fire" 1984


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