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Nez Perce War

It is now 12:10 PM Tuesday afternoon in the cold flow of winter by Lake Michigan. Here in the town we live in we get Lake effect snow, which is a lot of snow during the winter months. Terrible dangerous weather. This morning when I got up and looked out the front door window I was recalling years ago when I had to drive to work in this kind of dangerous winter winter. Over the years driving during the Winter I witnessed many car wrecks where people died. I had many close calls driving back and forth to work during the winter months many years ago. It still amazes me to know some of our neighbors drive long distances during these harsh winter months to their jobs. It takes guts to drive in these horrible winter months anywhere. But if you do not work you do not eat (experience the American Dream life).

Yesterday I mentioned that William T. Vollmann is coming out with the fifth volume of his series "Seven Dreams: A Book Of North American Landscapes". I already ordered this volume because Vollmann is one of my favorite modern American writers. Last night I got out the other volumes in "Seven Dreams" series to look at. Here is the list of the volumes in "Seven Dreams" already published-

"The Ice Shirt" volume 1 of the "Seven Dreams" series/first published in 1990

"Fathers And Crows: A Novel" volume 2 of "Seven Dreams: A Book Of North American Landscapes" published in 1992

"Argall: A Novel" The True Story Of Pocahontas And Captain John Smith THIRD DREAM Volume 3 published 2001

"The Rifles" SEVEN DREAMS ABOUT OUR CONTINENT IN THE DAYS OF THE RIFLEMEN Unthawing the Multi-Frozen Breeches of Starvation Guns in the Black-Mooned Days of Winter Whose Heroes (Aiming Straight or Wide), Smoothbored the Northwest Passage, CHECKED THE RAMPAGES OF WHALES, Relocated the Esquimaux; Who discovered Gold, Who WERE RIGHT ON THE MONEY; Who had SYPHILIS; Who Invented the Repeaters! As Disassembled From Diverse Gauges Volume 6 of "Seven Dreams: A Book Of North American Landscapes" published 1994

Last year Vollmann published a volume titled, "Last Stories and Other Stories" that I got out of the lower level this morning to keep me company this afternoon.

Well I suppose I will close to face the cold winds of Reality.

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