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the Nazi Final Solution

"Who would deny that similarity of thought is not social contagion? Isn't a great danger of consensus that it is quietly accepted as divine law? And how could a populace in the face of such assumptions fail to see the possibility of a trumpeting state no less blighting to the world than that imposed by, say, a crazed and egotistical dictator or a megalomaniacal emperor or even a theocracy run by an oligarchic handful of reactionary priests? The ranters? The hoi polloi? When has it ever been anything but a now banded, now disbanded posse of deserters and vagabonds? An anagram of democratic is "comic trade"! Eyestones well knew from sad experience what the promise of unified will wrought in those who, even if only two, gathered to celebrate the adventure of common thought. The people! The people are a party and in a democracy form not a population but a government that can be as fist-faced and as arbitrary and as cruel as Richard the Third's, and yet to anyone who dares to look closely at it, the word essentially retains a rhetorical and political quality that limits it to one class of the total population, in short, to the people in power! The imposing official title of the great ancient Roman republic, Senatus Populusque Romanus, for all of its broadcasting fustian and bravado, explicitly distinguished the so-called people from the patricians and original landed families and quite studiously ignored the slaves, Nubian, and aliens who for most of the years of the reigning republic significantly outnumbered the plebeian citizens themselves. What of their representation? Hegemony can be a hoax. We remember the Holocaust for the terrible slaughter by the Third Reich of millions of Jews, who have nevertheless appropriated the exclusive headline in spite of the glaring and indisputable fact that most of the victims of the Nazi Final Solution, seven million souls taken together, were Communists, homosexuals, socialists, pacifists, democrats, plain beggars, Soviet POW's-more than 3.3 million of them!-Roman Catholics, three million non-Jewish Poles, alcoholics, the retarded and feeble-minded-marked with Blodwhich means "stupid"-mere drifters, priests and ministers, over 500,000 Sinti and Roma Gypsies, prostitutes, Jehovah's Witnesses, vagabonds and vagrants, black people, the recalcitrant or work-shy, even the eccentric and the ineradicably odd, anyone who did not fit into the so-called people's community. All those poor, wasted souls who have been further marginalized and blasphemed in being forgotten are almost never memorialized. . ." pg. 454,455 "Laura Warholic or, The Sexual Intellectual" a novel by Alexander Theroux

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