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indifferent to adventure and the ineffable

"16.April. Sometimes I walk with the sole purpose of observing the passing faces of the men and women in the streets. The faces of men and women over thirty are especially striking! What pint-size cauldrons of obscure human mysteries! Poisonous, impotent sadness, cadaverous expectations dashed year after year; fleeting robotic courtesies; despondency and resignation before the Great Beast that is nature and life!

There are days when I'll come up with any excuse to speak to the people I encounter. I look into their eyes. It isn't easy. It's the last place people want you to look. I'm horrified by the few eyes there are that retain any trace of expectation and poetry-the expectation and poetry of a seventeen-year-old. From most eyes the glint has gone for things intangible, gracious, gratuitous, fascinating, uncertain, or enthralling. Those eyes are hard, sickly, or completely flattened. They belong to robots, impossible to surprise, indifferent to adventure and the ineffable. . ." pg.41 Josep Pla "The Gray Notebook"

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