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the divine hierarchy

I am sitting in my main study feeling absolutely wasted! I am falling asleep. And it is only 5:25 PM Saturday evening. Everybody is in the living room talking. I tried watching college football, but my mind could not focus. I need to feel empty. I have eaten too much junk today. I need to go on a fast next week. Tomorrow is a Sunday. We found out today that Caleb, Emily, and Josie are leaving early Monday morning for the Detroit International Airport and flying back to their home in Boston Mass.. Tomorrow Caleb and Emily have an appointment to look at a house to rent in Grand Rapids MI. Carol and I will babysit baby Josie while they are in GR.

I have been reading when able from a book titled, "God Has Spoken: A History Of Christian Theology" by Gerald Bray. Earlier I did mess with our new computer. Carol bought today a Dell desk top computer at Staples. Now she has a new computer and a new iphone. I plan to keep using my lap top in my main study. I kind of like it in this study writing words for billions of people to read and ponder.

I should bush my teeth and lay down in the dark in our bedroom. The lower level is now where Caleb and Emily abide while they are visiting us with little Josie. This house Caleb and Emily might rent has four bedrooms and a study. Caleb needs a study because his job is on a computer (he works from home).

Well I will close to feel blown out. Soon it will be over.

Emily & Josie
Josie & Emily

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