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to open up the Scriptures is to admit to nuptial union

It is in the flow of being alive in West Michigan 6:34 PM Sunday night. I am in my main study reading from a book titled, "The Undivided Heart: The Western Monastic Approach to Contemplation" by Michael Casey. In this slim book by Casey is a chapter titled, 'Spiritual Desire in the Gospel Homilies of St. Gregory the Great' pg. 42-60.

This afternoon I did watch some professional football on TV. The day has been quiet for me. Carol slept most of the day. She is now sitting in the dining room reading food and reading something.

I wanted to mention these two other books by Michael Casey for those into the Christian spiritual disciplines.

"Toward God: The Ancient Wisdom of Western Prayer" by Michael Casey

"Sacred Reading: The Ancient Art of Lectio Divina" by Michael Casey.

This afternoon I mainly read from these two books-

"Moral Reflections on the Book of Job" Volume 1 "Preface and Books 1-5" by Gregory the Great

"Medieval Exegesis" Volume 2 "The Four Senses Of Scripture" by Henri De Lubac

It is too early to go to bed so here I sit writing in my blogs and waiting for this day to come to a close.

I have these Christian books to read this week if I am still in the land of the living-

"A New Heaven and a New Earth: Reclaiming Biblical Eschatology" by J. Richard Middleton

"Salvation Applied By The Spirit: Union with Christ" by Robert A. Peterson

"God Has Spoken: A History Of Christian Theology" by Gerald Bray

"The Death of the Messiah and the Birth of the New Covenant: A (Not So) New Model of the Atonement" by Michael J. Gorman

"Reading Backwards: Figural Christology and the Fourfold Gospel Witness" by Richard B. Hays

"History and Spirit: The Understanding Of Scripture According To Origen" by Henri De Lubac

"Hidden But Now Revealed: A Biblical Theology of Mystery" by G. K. Beale & Benjamin L. Gladd

"The Second Letter To The Corinthians" [The Pillar New Testament Commentary] by Mark A. Seifrid

So much to read before I fall into my grave. Well I will close to brush my teeth and wander the house. It will be over.

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