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The American Transcendentalists

It is now in the Flow 12:19 PM Friday afternoon. The sun is still in the sky and it is 29 degrees. I did leave the house to visit thrift stores and to get a mouse for my newest lap top computer. I found these used books this morning to ADD to our book collection-

"The American Transcendentalists: Their Prose and Poetry" Edited by Perry Miller

"Carpenter's Gothic" a novel by William Gaddis

"Charmed Circle: Gertrude Stein & Company" biography by James R. Mellow

"Image-Music-Text" essays by Roland Barthes [Translated by Stephen Heath]

"Call It Sleep" A Novel by Henry Roth

"The Master & Margarita" a novel by Mikhail Bulgakov [Translated by Mirra Ginsburg]

"Collected Short Stories" by Graham Greene

"St. Petersburg" a novel by Andrey Biely [Translated by John Cournos]

"Opus Posthumous: Poems, Plays, Prose" by Wallace Stevens Edited, With An Introduction By Samuel French Morse

"Love As Always, Kurt Vonnegut As I Knew Him" a memoir by Loree Rackstraw

"The Orientalist: Solving The Mystery Of A Strange And Dangerous Life" biography by Tom Reiss

Tom Reiss

"The Times of My Life and My Life with The Times" a memoir by Max Frankel

Max Frankel

"The Gentle Barbarian: The Life And Work Of Turgenev" biography by V.S. Pritchett

After doing my running around I came home to make a quiche for something to eat. Existence keeps flowing.

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