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the joy above consists in the full understanding of the Word of God

It is 9:42 AM Friday in the flow of salvation history. It is extremely cold morning, but the sun is shining. I should go out into the dead American world and take some pictures while the sky is blue and smoke is floating up from the ruins.

I got up this morning around 5:58 AM. I did not want to get up so early, but I was having weird dreams that kept me awake so I got up to face it. When I got up I made a pot of coffee and then messed with our main computer. After messing with our main computer I made myself a small pot of oatmeal. After breakfast I wrote in my paper diary and then read from a book titled, Five Models of Spiritual Direction in the Early Church by George E. Demacopoulos.

Carol called me around 8:38 AM to be picked up at the hospital. Carol worked last night and has to work tonight.

Well not much else to report. I am thinking of going out in the world to visit thrift stores and maybe take pictures some place.

Last night after driving Carol to work I basically did nothing till going to bed around 10:30 PM. Last night I read a short story in the book, In A Father's Place: Stories by Christopher Tilghman.

Well I suppose I will close to do my little dance of death.

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