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the image of an escalated eschatological Adam

"Our chapter on 1 Corinthians largely entailed Paul's teaching on the nature of the cross and Jesus' kingship (1 Cor 1-2). The Old Testament and Jewish conception of the Messiah generally entails him ruling over Israel and the nations king. The Messiah, a descendent of David, would be instrumental in bringing about the establishment of God's eternal kingdom and the destruction of Israel's enemies. A few passages appear to suggest that the Messiah would suffer to some extent, and this suffering would be the means by which God would restore his people. Paul, though, portrays Jesus as executing his divine messianic prerogative at the moment of his suffering a painful death on the cross. It was largely hidden in the Old Testament that the Messiah's reign would be characterized by suffering and death. But the Old Testament does bring together, in seed form, the twin themes of suffering and kingly rule (e.g., David's rule while in exile, Isaiah's Servant). We also noted Paul's discussion of the believer's resurrection, and how the bodily transformation from the image of the first Adam to the last Adam constituted an unveiled mystery, since the Old Testament did not reveal clearly that the final resurrection would be a transformation of not only the dead but of living bodies into the image of an escalated eschatological Adam, the Messiah. Likewise, part of this mystery was that Genesis 2:7 and Genesis 3 contained a typological perspective." pg. 145 Hidden But Now Revealed by G.K. Beale & Benjamin L. Gladd

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