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fragments of the whole that must be accepted as beyond our imaginative grasp 
7th-Dec-2014 04:53 pm
It is now in the flow 4:41 PM early Sunday evening. I was another super quiet day for me. I did not go anywhere today. I did go out in our backyard and rake some leaves for fun. Since we have had dry weather lately I have been filling up our containers used to haul away plant materials with dead leaves. These containers will not be emptied till Spring, because at the end of November they stop coming around to empty our plant refuse container (we pay for this weekly service).

I mainly read today "The Patrick Melrose Novels" by Edward St. Aubyn-when I got this volume out I noticed I had not finished St. Aubyn's novel "Bad News," so I finished reading it today and started reading the next novel titled, "Some Hope". The novels are not long, so they can be read over a short period of time. Time is one thing I have a lot of in this perishing world.

I also read today some more of the novel "Shark" by Will Self.

Carol got up around 3:45 PM today and plans to go to church tonight. I plan to go to bed early tonight. I did not watch any professional football today. I am tired.

I forgot to mention that last night I ordered a book titled, "God Has Spoken: A History of Christian Theology" by Gerald Bray. I have in our library several books by Gerald Bray.

Well, I will close to drift. I am out of it these days. I just like to sit waiting for time to come to a close. (When I write my journal entries I find it difficult to make myself understood-to write in plain simple English sentences.)

God Has Spoken" by Bray
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