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the paradox of an eternity of finite time on the transient moment

It is in the flow of my personal history 9 o'clock AM Wednesday morning. I am down in the lower level writing on one of my two lap top computers. I remember years ago when we bought our first computer how need it would be to have such a wonderful writing machine. I wish there were lap top computers when I was in college and seminary. When I was in college and seminary I wrote my school papers with a typewriter (I still have two typewriters stored away upstairs. I tried awhile back writing on one of our typewriters and it was impossible. I remember many years having a girlfriend that had a IBM electric typewriter, which was cool!)

I got up this morning around 5:30 AM. I got up made a pot of coffee and then messed with our main computer (I am seriously thinking of buying us a new computer since our main computer is super slow these days. I am waiting to see what our oldest son Caleb Jon thinks about getting a new computer when he visits us with his wife Emily and baby daughter Josephine over the Christ Mass holy days. Caleb's job requires him to have a functioning high speed computer.)

After messing with our main computer I made a pot of oatmeal for my wife and I. This morning Carol is making peanut brittle to give away/Christ Mass time gifts. After breakfast I wrote in my paper diary and have been reading an essay titled, Faust's Damnation: The Morality of Knowledge found in a book titled, "The Artist's Journey Into The Interior and other essays" by Erich Heller. I got out this book by Heller because in the book "What Ever Happened To Modernism?" by Gabriel Josipovici, he mentions Heller's book "The Disinherited Mind: Essays In Modern German Literature And Thought" which we have in our library. I got out these books by Heller this morning along with one of my favorite books titled, "The Mind of the European Romantics" by H.G. Schenk.

I have nothing to do today, but wait it out. Outside this morning it is very cold, but it is not snowing. Existence will go by no matter what I do or say.

Well I will close to read my books and drift.

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