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intimate union and communion of Christ and the bride

It is now in the flow of salvation history 7:31 AM Sunday morning, the last day of November 2014. Tomorrow will be December 1, 2014. Soon Lord willing we will be in the Year 2015. Time keeps marching towards the Last Day.

I am down in the lower level looking at THE WORKS OF JOHN FLAVEL Six Volumes published by the Banner of Truth Trust. John Flavel (1628-1691) was a 17th century English Puritan. I have been reading the works of John Flavel since 1975. Flavel's writings were used by the Lord to bring me out of the far country many years ago. I first read the writings of Flavel in paperbacks published by Baker Book House many years ago when I lived in Richmond California. Baker Book House published in paperback these works of John Flavel, "The Fountain Of Life: A Display Of Christ In His Essential And Mediatorial Glory: 42 Sermons", "The Method Of Grace In The Gospel Redemption" and "England's Duty Under The Present Gospel Liberty: Eleven Sermons on Revelation 3.20 "Behold I stand at the door, and knock; if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me."

1. Every offer of Christ to the Souls of Sinners is Recorded and Witnessed for the Day of Reckoning

2. Jesus Christ is truly Present with Men in His Ordinances and has to do with them and they with Him

3. The Hearts of Men are by Nature Locked up and fast Barred against Jesus Christ, their only Saviour

4. The Patience of Christ great and Admirable in Waiting upon Trifling and Obstinate Sinners

5. Every Conviction of Conscience is a Knock of Christ from Heaven for Entrance into their Souls

6. Jesus Christ an Earnest Suitor for Union and Communion with the Souls of Sinners

7. Jesus Christ will not Refuse to come to the Soul of the vilest Sinner when it is made Willing to open to Him

8. No man's Soul will Savingly and Effectually Open to Receive Christ until the Quickening Voice of Christ be first Heard in the Soul

9. The Opening of the Heart to Receive Christ by Faith is the great Design and Aim of the Gospel

10. Christ will certainly Come into the Soul that Opens to Him and will bring rich Enterainment with Him

11. There is a Mutual Sweet and Intimate Communion between Christ and Believers in this World

I came down here to the lower level to look at these books on union with Christ-

"The Inner Sanctum of Puritan Piety: John Flavel's Doctrine of Mystical Union with Christ" by J. Stephen Yuille

"Union With Christ In Scripture, History, And Theology" by Robert Letham

"Paul And Union With Christ: An Exegetical And Theological Study" by Constantine R. Campbell

I have to close to go have a bowl of oatmeal. More later on union with Christ and John Flavel.

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