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what is our sealing?

"who also has sealed us and given us the Spirit in our hearts as a guarantee" 2 Corinth. 1:22

"What is our sealing?
Sealing we know hath this use.
1. First of all, it doth imprint a likeness of him that doth seal upon the wax that is sealed; as when the king's picture or image is stamped or sealed upon the wax, everything the wax answers to that in the seal, face to face, eye to eye, hand to hand, foot to foot, body to body. So we are said to be sealed, when we carry in our souls the image of Jesus Christ; for the Spirit sets the stamp of Jesus Christ upon every Christian, so that there is the likeness of Christ in all things; understanding answers understanding, in proportion. As a child, you know, answers the father; it hath limb for limb, foot for foot, finger for finger, but it is not in quantity, but in proportion and likeness; so it is in the soul that is sealed by the Spirit, there is a likeness to Christ, something of every grace to Christ. There is understanding of the same heavenly supernatural truths; there is a judging of things as Christ judgeth; and the affections go as Christ's do; he loves that which Christ loves, and he hates that which he hates; he joys in that which Christ delights in. Every affection of the soul is carried that way that the affections of our blessed Saviour are carried in proportion. Everything in the soul is answerable to Jesus Christ; and there is no grace in Christ, but there is like in every Christian in some small measure. The obedience of Christ to his Father even to the death, it is in every Christian. The humility whereby Christ abased himself, it is in every Christian. Christ works in the soul that receiveth him, a likeness to himself." Richard Sibbes "Commentary On 2 Corinthians Chap. 1, ver.22"

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