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It is 4:23 PM Friday afternoon. I thought I would explain why I bought the used books I bought today at thrift stores since I enjoy talking about books and writers.

I bought used today a book titled, "The Conquerors" a novel by Andre Malraux because I have been reading off and on lately a book titled, "Seven Continents & Forty Years: A Concentration of Memoirs" by C. L. Sulzberger Foreword by Andre Malraux. I also have a book titled, "Man's Fate" by Andre Malraux in our library. Malraux was and is a famous 20th century French writer/thinker.

I bought the used novel, "Hello To The Cannibals" by Richard Bausch, because I have another novel by Bausch titled, "Peace". I have not read any of Bausch's writings, but they all look interesting and worthy of reading.

I bought used, "The Portable D. H. Lawrence" Selected and with an Introduction by Diana Trilling because this edition was a nice hardback with a slipcover whereas the one I have already is an old paperback edition given to me by our son Josiah. I also collect the writings/poetry of D. H. Lawrence. I collect also any books dealing with D. H. Lawrence like his life or literary studies.

I bought today used, "The Counterlife" a novel by Philip Roth because this was a nice hardback with slip cover whereas the copy I have already was an old paperback edition. I collect the writings of Roth also.

I bought used, "The Book of Disquiet" paperback by Fernando Pessoa because it is one of my favorite books. I already have this book in our library; I bought this one because I might sell it someday or give it away.

I bought also today used a novel paperback by Haruki Murakami "Hard-Boiled Wonderland And The End Of The World" to sell or give away. I had already this novel my Murakami in our book collection. I also collect Murakami's writings.

I bought today used a essays by V. S. Pritchett titled, "The Myth Makers: European & Latin American Writers" because V. S. Pritichett is a great writer. I also collect Pritchett's writings for our library.

I bought used "Coal: A Human History" by Barbara Freese, because the book looked interesting.

The book "Andre Gide" a literary study by Jean Hytier I bought because I collect books by Gide and about his writings/biography etc. . . I recently bought used a book by Gide titled, "Corydon."

I bought used today at Salvation Army thrift store a paperback titled, "Writers on Writings: Collected Essays from The New York Times" because I am always looking for used books on writers on writing. I like to read stuff on why writers write and what they read/favorite books etc. . .

The reason why I bought used book, "The Friendship: Wordsworth & Coleridge" by Adam Sisman is because I enjoy Romantic poetry/I like to read about the lives of Poets.

I bought at Goodwill used the book, "Michelangelo The Reinvention Of The Human Body" by James Hall is because I am always looking for good used Art History books.

Well, these are some of the reasons why I buy certain used books.

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