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I have been writing lately about my ministerial internship at Covenant PCA in Houston Texas back in 1986 to 1988. We moved to Houston TX November 1986. I suppose I did not officially start my internship till January 1987. I did my ministerial internship over a two year period of time because I had to do it part-time. Covenant PCA could not pay us any money so Carol worked full time. When Carol was not working I fulfilled my internship requirements like visiting church members at hospitals, going to Presbytery meetings, house visitation with Rev. Pipa Jr (the minister I did my internship under). I preached once a month from the Epistle of First John. I taught Adult Sunday School classes and participated in Mission Conferences etc. I also went with a fellow church member once a month to visited Christians on Death Row Huntsville TX.

There came a time after two years where I had to renew my license so as to continue teaching/exhorting at Covenant PCA. By the time my two year internship was over I had become very disillusioned with being a gospel minister in the PCA/Covenant PCA especially. I did go through the process of being examined by a group of PCA ministers in a back room at Covenant PCA. These ministers asked me several questions and I answered them honestly. These ministers after I left the room voted not to renew my license to exhort. I found this out after I had left the church and gone home. Joey called me at home told me, but encouraged me to come back to the church and explain some of my answers to the ministers questions more in-depth. Over the phone I told Joey I was tired of the whole business. I was tired of being something I was not. But I did go out that following week I have these calling cards made so as to reaffirm to myself that I did personally believed I was called to be a soul doctor/spiritual director. (no one was going to close my mouth-that I would not go silently to the grave)

Dr. Joey Pipa Jr.

Years later I took classes to become a Spiritual Director and during the course of those classes I realized I was not called to be a Spiritual Director either.

Christian Spirituality

These calling cards have been mainly used for book markers. I do not think I have ever given anyone one of these cards.

So these days I believed I am called to live a simple Christian life. I am waiting it out.

(I should add that we were in Houston five years. I did look for a call for three years after my two year internship. There was no Church. No one at Covenant PCA offer to help us. I could tell you many stories about our time in Houston TX, one of the worst times of my Christian life. But it was also a time when I came to see there is no such thing as the American Dream. I came to see that the Christian life is one of suffering.)

calling card

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