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November 1986

It is now in the flow of my life 10:46 AM late Wednesday morning.

Since I got down the box containing my diaries from Years 1986 and 1987 I thought I would look through them. It seems in November 1986 we moved from Carson Mississippi to Houston Texas. I will quote from the entry November 19, 1986 Carson, Miss.-

November 19, 1986
It is 12:05 Wednesday afternoon. A cloudy windy Day. A typical Wednesday. The morning was spent in getting stuff ready to load on the truck. We got a lot of stuff to move.

I am sick today, tension is mounting. I did not sleep practically at all last night. Bethany and I went to the seminary and I took pictures. A typical Wednesday morning. Nothing spectacular in the mail, a letter from the folks. So Here I sit listening to a tape on Evangelism & the Doctrines of Grace. I will close to wait to Eat lunch.

It is 3:30 cold gray afternoon. I am sick with a bloated gut. My belly is going crazy due to this move. I should stop eating and fast. The lunch meal really hit me. Bob stopped to give Caleb his favorite Civil War book. Bob likes to give stuff away. He stayed for our afternoon meal-talked to Carol. We did not read the Bible. I am very tired from not sleeping last night. I did the dishes listening to tape #1 History of Preaching by Iain Murray. I listened to the three part series by Murray about a year ago. Powerful messages for preachers. I am going to copy the messages to send to Bob Bass, Pat Paas and Bill Pols Jr.. Also a set for myself to listen at least once a year. It is cold. My body is out of it due to my ulcer.

Nothing else to report. We move in Four days.

I hope into get the book ,"The Christian In Complete Armour" today. I read a little of the book this morning. A great book. Gurnall really sets forth the character of God as Being gracious and tender merciful to His elect sinners.

"Question 1. But how comes Satan to this principality? . . . Answer 2. God permits this his principality, in order to the glorifying of his name in the recovery of his elect from the power of this great potentate. What a glorious name will God have when he hath finished this war, wherein, at first, he found all possessed by this enemy, and not a man of all the sons of Adam to offer himself as a volunteer in this service, till made willing by the day of his power! This, this will gain God a name above every name, not only of creatures, but of those by which himself was known to his creature. The workmanship of heaven and earth give him the name of Creator; providence of Preserver; but this of Saviour. Herein he doth both the former; preserve his creature, which else had been lost; and create a new creature-I mean the babe of grace-which, through God, shall be able to beat the devil out of the field, who was able to drive Adam, though created in his full stature, out of paradise. And may not all the other works of God empty themselves as rivers into this sea, losing their names, or rather swelling into one of redemption? Had not Satan taken God's elect prisoners, they would not have gone to heaven with such acclamations of triumph. . ." pg. 133 William Gurnall

The afternoon is going by. I need to REST.

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