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it is the Spirit that convinces of sin

It is 9:24 PM Saturday night in the flow of existence. I am down in the lower level writing on my Samsung lap top computer. I am down here doing laundry and reading "A Basket Of Fragments" by Robert Murray M'Cheyne. I was earlier upstairs making pancakes and watching college football. To be honest I am tired and plan to go to bed soon. It has been a long day.

Today while I was volunteering at the Herrick Public Library used books store a young fellow came in looking at our used books. I think this fellow has come in in the past looking for self-help books/how to improve ones social skills. Today he was also looking for books to help him understand the Bible. The fellow said to me he recently had become a Christian and wanted to understand the Bible. What he was looking for was a book like "Halley's Bible Handbook". The library book nook had a few Christians books that set forth basic Bible knowledge and he bought those. I felt bad because we really had no good Christian books to sell in the store. I asked the fellow if his church had a Christian library? He did not know and also he wanted books of his own not borrowed or checked out of a library.

I encouraged the fellow to read his Bible and pray to the Holy Spirit to guide you into the Truth. I shared with the fellow when I became a Christian 44 years ago I knew nothing about the Bible. What I did was read the Bible the first five years of my Christian life and I joined a Church. As the years have gone by I have learned more and more about the Bible. I have gone to Bible College and Seminary. I have built a huge Christian library of my own to enable me to study the Word of God. I told the fellow I love the Holy Scriptures! I encouraged the fellow to talk to his minister or his church elders for guidance about what books to buy. There are a lot of bad religious books out in the world (and in the library book nook). We need to pray for spiritual discernment when it comes to spiritual realities.

The Lord will teach us what we need to know as we mature in our Christian walk.

If I had had time alone with this new Christian convert I would have asked him how he come to believe in the Gospel of Christ. How had he come to saving faith? How had he come to repent of his sins and turn to Christ? The other day I mentioned here that in the mail I had received a sermon by R. M. M'Cheyne titled CONVICTION OF SIN text "And when he [the Comforter] is come, he will reprove the world of sin" John 16:8.

"What, then, is this conviction of sin? It is a just sense of the dreadfulness of sin. It is not a mere knowledge that we have many sins and that God's anger is revealed against them all; but it is a heart-feeling that we are under sin. Again, it is not a feeling of the loathsomeness of sin-that is felt only by the children of God; but it is a feeling of the dreadfulness of sin, of the dishonor it does to God, and the wrath to which it exposes the soul. Oh, brethren, conviction of sin is no slight natural work upon the heart. There is a great difference between knowing a thing and having a just sense of it. There is a great difference between knowing that vinegar is sour and actually tasting and feeling that it is sour. There is a great difference between knowing that fire will burn us, and actually feeling the pain of being burned. Just in the same way, there is all the difference in the world between knowing the dreadfulness of your sins and feeling the dreadfulness of your sins. It is in vain that you read your Bible and hear it preached unless the Spirit use the words to give sense and feeling to your dead hearts . . ."

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