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It is in the flow 1:04 PM Friday afternoon. I have been wanting to quote a letter I read last week by Ed Abbey that I read in a book titled, "Postcards from Ed Abbey: Dispatches And Salvos From An American Iconoclast". This letter by Abbey has been on my mind and I want to quote here this afternoon (get the letter off my mind).

Laurence Gonzales & David Standish & Karol Pozniak, Playboy Magazine, Chicago (21 November 1975)

Dear Lary & Dave & Karol:

Thanks very much for the hospitality at Playboy Towers Inc. I like your little two-bit town, despite the windy corners and the incredibly banal clip joints. Seriously. . .

If you were serious about having me write again for Playboy-and certainly I want to-here are a few essays, of various length and depth, which I have in mind:

1. Women's Liberation: Some Second Thought-a semi-humorous reexamination of the basic issues; a winnowing of the reasonable from the unreasonable; the man-hating theme; a review of the biological basis of male-female relations; the anthropological basis of male domination; the essential meaning of the sexual act itself; etc.

2. The Right to Arms-a defense of the right to own and bear arms (including handguns) from my own libertarian, agrarian-anarchist, left-wing liberal point of view; too important an issue to be left to the National Rifle Association, the John Birchers and other right-wing crackpots; i.e., if guns are registered (then confiscated, then outlawed), cops-and the military-and the secret police-and a few outlaws-will have guns; consider: the democratic rifle as opposed to the authoritarian tank, the totalitarian B-52; widespread citizen ownership of firearms as the final popular defense against the tyranny of the State; etc.; tyranny always based on a monopoly of the means of violence; all authoritarian societies based on a disarmed population, a class-controlled restriction on ownership of weapons, etc., etc.

3. Drunk in the Afternoon-some small-town Western bars I know and love, and what goes on there on August afternoons (not much) and Saturday nights (too much). . .

4. Mountain Men and Mountain Music-Why I love Beethoven, Bruckner and Bach, and why I regard Bob "Dylan" and others of his aging-adolescent unisex-bearded ilk as so many Pop-Kulchur schmucks; (I can guarantee this essay as the most-hated you would ever publish). . .

5. Death Valley Acid-what it's like to drop 350 micrograms of LSD at twilight on the sand dunes out in the middle of Nowhere between the Panamint Mts and the Funeral Range. . .

6. Down the Green River and Major Powell-a trip on a little boat thru Gates of Lodore, Split Mt., Desolation, Stillwater, Labrinth and Cataract Canyons, in the watery footsteps of J. Wesley Powell. . .

7. Shithead Literature and Fuckhead Crap: Studies in Contemporary American Psycho-Babble and Other and Other Varieties Teenybopper Intellectualism-That is, a critique of such current pop lit as Casteneda, Herman Hesse, Seth Speaks, Be Here Now, Hugh Prather, Naked Massage, etc etc ad infinitum ad nauseum. . .

8. A Journey By Foot, Horse, Camel & Rover Through the Empty Interior of the Australian Desert-This is something I've wanted to do and if I can get Playboy, Audubon, National Geographic and Sierra Club to help pay the expenses, I'll do it. . .

9. Warfare in the Desert: A Walk Around the Sinai-with special attention to the battle at Mitla Pass, and some consideration of the effects of modern tank and aerial warfare on a desert environment in the old Mosaic Wilderness.

Well you see, I've got plenty of ideas, and more where those came from. Let me know if any of them interest you.

Has the Playboy Book Club taken a look at The Monkey Wrench Gang? Seems to me that MWG might be a book to interest your readers.

So much for now. It was good to meet you people and I wish you all the best of luck in your work and play.

Regards, Edward Abbey-Moab

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