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a sinner made to feel his need of salvation

I have been thinking of giving to the lady at the library book who is always in a state of freak out a gospel booklet I received in the mail last week titled, "God Our Salvation" a sermon by William Gadsby. I am afraid this professing Christian lady has never heard the Gospel of God/biblical gospel. She could be just immature in the Faith. I find it exhausting talking to this lady because she obviously does not know the teachings of the Bible on many things she is freaked out about.

I will quote from this sermon by Rev. Gadsby because it is a gospel message that is better than what most people hear on any given Sunday in America from Christian pulpits.

"Do you know anything of this salvation? However, I must draw towards a conclusion, and

4. Show the effect of a sinner being made to feel his need of this salvation. Every living soul made alive to God will be putting up this petition, and never rest satisfied without an answer: "Say unto my soul, I am thy salvation." If you can go on satisfied, and do not care what religion you have, saying you have many things pleasing to the flesh, many external duties, and much internal piety; or if, with your exalted notions of the doctrines of grace, you are satisfied with anything short of God himself speaking to your soul that he is your salvation, you are in the gall of bitterness and the bond of iniquity. I do not care what your religion is; let it be what it may, if you are satisfied without this, it is not the religion of the Son of God. Where the religion of the Son of God is, that soul wants the revelation of God's salvation. This will cause the soul to supplicate, "Say unto my soul, I am thy salvation." If the Lord does not at once manifest himself, the poor soul will not give up until the Lord does condescend to answer his prayer. He must have some sweet meltings down in his mind, some little liftings up with intimations of mercy, some droppings of his love, here and there a berry just to wet the mouth of the poor creature, and keep it from parching up, in order to keep it still sighing, groaning, and mourning. They cannot be satisfied, they cannot rest who have been quickened until they have the life and power of a salvation in their own hearts, by being able sweetly and feelingly say, "God is my salvation." They must feel the Lord has graciously and blessedly given them that sweet and blessed power to feel in their souls that God is their salvation.

"Cannot be satisfied?" say you. "Do you not think that persons who are decidedly pious, and do their duty, and never injure anybody, but love everybody, and do good to everybody; do you not think that they are right? And perhaps some may say, "My minister says it is all enthusiasm to talk about this salvation being revealed to their conscience; all we have to do is simply to believe the Word, be decidedly pious, do our duty, and hope for the best." Now with all this, with all your decision, if this is all the religion you have, you will, do dying, be eternally lost, as sure as the Lord lives. You must have some better ground of a living power in your heart, and not rest short of God saying to your soul he is your salvation. Nothing short of this will do. You must be made to say, "As the hart panteth after the waterbrooks, so panteth my soul after God, the living God."

If any here are resting on the delusive ground of their decided piety, there will be nothing but confusion, when the Lord by a might earthquake, is pleased to come and shake you off your sandy foundations. If you have no better resting-place, you will sink into black despair. I do not mean to say there are none of God's children living but what have enjoyed this salvation. O no. But this they will do; they will sigh and cry, with heart breathings, moanings, and pantings, and will not be satisfied without it. They want the power of it in their own consciences. They want the Lord the Spirit to speak to their souls, so as that they can sweetly and blessedly say, "He loved me, and gave himself for me," vile me. Until this is the case they will not be satisfied." William Gadsby

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