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the existential loneliness of the linear march of events toward annihilation

It is 3:14 PM Saturday afternoon in the flow of existence. I had a normal time at the Herrick Library used books store (I volunteer at the library book nook on Saturdays from 10 AM till 1 PM.). My friend Tim came in the store and we talked for awhile. While at the book nook when not helping people with their used materials I read old issues of the New Yorker magazine and a book titled, "About Town: The New Yorker and the World It Made" by Ben Yagoda. I bought home these used books from the library book nook to add to our library-

"Theodore Rex" biography by Edmund Morris

"The Original Knickbocker: The Life of Washington Irving" biography by Andrew Burstein

"Trying to Please: A Memoir" by John Julius Norwich

review of the memoir "Trying to Please" by Norwich

"Kraken" fantasy novel by China Mieville (I read last year Mieville's book "Perdido Street Station".)

"Spooner" a novel by Peter Dexter (I collect the book written by Dexter.)

When I got home from the library book nook I ate lunch and wrote in my paper diary. After that I took Rudy for a walk downtown at Centennial Park. So has gone by the day. Carol has not called me today. Nothing came in the mail mind blowing.

Last night I read, "About Town: The New Yorker and the World It Made" by Ben Yagoda and watched some television. I went to bed my usual time. I was up this morning around 6:40 AM and now it is 3:24 PM. Tomorrow will be a Sunday. Carol comes home this coming Monday afternoon.

Well I will close to watch some college football. I might post the pictures I took this afternoon at Centennial Park Holland Michigan.

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