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Upper Macatawa Natural Area

I mentioned earlier that this morning I took Rudy for a walk at Window on the Waterfront. When I got home I ate some food and was writing a note to LJ friend when Carol called to see how I was doing. Carol and her girlfriends were downtown Holland shopping when she called. So Carol and I talked for a few minutes on the phone. After the telephone call I left the house to go for a walk by myself at the Upper Macatawa Natural Area. It was such a pretty sunny Autumn day I could not see myself just sitting in the house the rest of the day. Plus the light was perfect for taking pictures today. I like taking pictures when the sun is out, there are big puffy clouds a deep blue sky. So I left the house to go for another walk. Before I drove out to the Upper Macatawa Natural Area I stopped a thrift store that takes old newspapers. We recycle old newspapers so I dropped those off and then visited inside this thrift store to look at their used books. I found one used book and one used King James Bible Oxford Press leather edition. The used book I found was by an author I collect named J. M. Coetzee the novel is titled, "Elizabeth Costello".

a review of the novel "Elizabeth Costello" by J. M. Coetzee

After paying for these items I drove out to the Upper Macatawa Natural Area and walked. As I walked I took some pictures to post in my blog.

Upper Macatawa Natural Area

Upper Macatawa Natural Area

Upper Macatawa Natural Area


Upper Macatawa Natural Area


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