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the false bottom of a snake cage

It is 9:15 PM Thursday night. Another day down the drain. I plan to go to bed soon. I have been up since 5:50 AM this morning. Earlier as I was sitting in the living room in the dark I fell asleep. This old man needs his beauty sleep. Tonight I sleep alone because my wife went South for a couple of days. What can I do but dream of love.

Carol left for her get away with girlfriends around 3 o'clock PM. After Carol left I mowed the lawn, which left me to feeling absolutely wasted.

This evening I have been reading from a book titled, "Dark Paradise: A History of Opiate Addiction in America" by David T. Courtwright. I also watched some television this evening. I am really too tired for anything except sitting in the dark or talking to myself. It looks like I will be talking to myself a lot the next couple of days.

Since Carol took her car I won't be going anywhere far. I do have my old Dodge van to drive around town, but I do not trust the van to take me someplace not in walking distance from our home. My old van is going on 24 years old and runs fine, but I have a trust issue with it. I am afraid my van might decide to die on me far from home and then I would be stuck. We do have AA road service if I was to get stuck someplace.

Well, this is going nowhere so I will close to get ready to call it a day. Tomorrow I have no appointments and no one to talk to.

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