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no one can come to Jesus unless the Father draws him

It is 2:08 PM Saturday afternoon. It has been a cold gray rainy day today. Maybe it will snow ice this month.

This morning I left for the library book nook around 9:35 AM and got home around 1:25 PM. The book nook was not busy today. I mainly read at the book nook "Madame Bovary" a novel by Gustave Flaubert. When I got home from the nook I turned on the TV to watch college football, got the mail out our mail box, ate some food and cleaned the kitchen. Now I am down in the lower level writing in my blogs. I feel myself falling asleep as I type.

I brought home from the library used books store two used books to add to our library-

"The Belton Estate" a novel by Anthony Trollope

"The Boy And The Dog Are Sleeping" a memoir by Nasdijj

Not much else to report. This morning before leaving for the book nook I read my Reformation commentary on John 1-12 and poetry by W. H. Auden.

Well I will close since I am falling asleep.

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