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it is existence itself which is surely the greatest of mysteries

It is now in the steady flow of our lives 8:50 PM Friday evening. I am down in the lower level of our house drinking a cup of tea and resting my overactive brain. I always get a mental rush when I go to big used books sale. I love books and getting more books to keep me company in the Wasteland. Carol is upstairs watching television. I came down here to put away the used books I bought today. Every used book I buy has a place in my book universe. I have been looking at one of the used books I bought this afternoon titled, "Make Way For Lucia: The Complete Lucia" by E. F. Benson [Introduction by Nancy Mitford]. E. F. Benson was a popular British writer before the Great War. In the book "The Victorians" by A.N. Wilson, E. F. Benson is mentioned. I will quote Wilson, ". . . Fred-E.F. Benson-one of the six children of the archbishop, was an extraordinary prolific comic novelist, satirizing the Souls in Dodo, anatomizing schoolboy homosexuality in David Blaize and creating a series of high camp masterpieces in the Mapp and Lucia stories. . ." pg 567. Today I was lucky to find A.N. Wilson's biography on the life of Tolstoy. Several years ago I read A.N. Wilson's book "God's Funeral: A Biography Of Faith And Doubt In Western Civilization".

Like I said earlier on Saturdays I volunteer for three hours at the Herrick Public Library used books store. Before going to the library book nook I will check out for a second time the used books sale at the Holland Civic Center, the doors open at 9 o'clock AM for the sale. Who knows what I will find to add to the book mountain.

Well I suppose I will close to drift. It will be soon time to call it a day.

I keep forgetting to mention I have already in my library, "Dodo: An Omnibus" by E. F. Benson.

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