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It is 10:55 AM Friday morning. I am down in the lower level eating a turkey burger. I like to eat in peace, if Rudy sees me eating he immediately wants what I am eating. Rudy can be a pain sometimes like all pets. I often try to remember if we had pets when I was growing up as a child. I do remember having dogs and cats as pets. I had a dog for a pet before I left California to attend Reformed Bible College. I had this female black lab puppy named Sheol for a pet. To make a long story short someone stole Sheol one day when I was gone doing something. I had once a sparrow named Star for a pet. This bird belonged to an old lady that was moving and asked me if I wanted it. So I took Star to the Richmond Rescue Mission where I was living and kept it in a bird cage. At the time I was living in a crawl space in a storage room in the back of the Rescue Mission. In this crawl space had a bed and a desk. I had a bird cage on my desk. One day Star got out of the cage flew around the storage room and disappeared. Sometime later I found Star's tiny bird body dried up behind some boxes in the storage room.

I do remember having a cat around the time my mother was killed in a car wreck December 1968.

Well enough of the subject of pets. I do not want any more pets after Rudy dies.

I have had a typical morning thus far. I am tired from my trip to Africa last night. I have been laying around the house this morning. Right now Carol is out walking Rudy around the neighborhood.

This afternoon I will leave for the giant used books sale at the Holland Civic Center around 2:50 PM and get in line. This used books sale starts at 4 o'clock PM this afternoon. Carol gets her hair cut at 3 o'clock PM and will join me at the Civic Center when she is done with her hair cut appointment.

Well I am tired so I will close to wait it out.

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