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God wants the very best for us

I was thinking a moment ago it is sad to know so many people are living in sin. It is sad to know people are living ungodly lives. All they are doing is reaping up wrath on for the Day of Judgement. God the Father has sent His Son to die for sinners and has offered them eternal life. But instead of choosing eternal life they turn away from God and go the way of eternal destruction.

It is tragic to see people living immoral lives when all they are doing is destroying themselves. The way of sin only leads to eternal separation from God.

Lately I have been reading "John 1-12" Reformation Commentary On Scripture. I am on chapter 5 in the Gospel of John and was reading the comments on the Lord Jesus and the encounter with the Samaritan woman. As I was reading a sermon I read years ago titled, "The Female Preacher, Or The Woman Of Samaria's Sermon To The Men Of The City: Or, The Self-Humbling And Christ-Exalting Influences Of Divine Discoveries" by Ralph Erskine kept coming to my mind. Today I got out of my library Volume 5 of The Works of Ralph Erskine to read this sermon. I will now quote some of what I read.

"7. It was a wonderful discovery he made of himself to this woman; there were many wonders in it; and, indeed, whenever Christ manifests himself to any soul, it will see some such like wonders as she saw. On wonderful, might she say! is he speaking to me, such a poor woman as I am, and such a base woman as I have been. Why, as there was no sibness, or relation, betwixt him and her, but on the contrary a stated enmity and alienation: for, "The Jews had no dealing with the Samaritans;" yea, but he must deal with her, though she was no good woman; nay, a common whore, lying in whoredom, O wonderful! Though he were never such a great sinner, yet Christ is content to speak with you for your everlasting good: and it is an ill tale that many not be heard. Will ye allow Christ to speak to you? Was it not wonderful that Christ should speak to this woman, in such a manner as he did? How kindly does he speak to her that he might gain her heart with his love, and kill her with kindness? One might have thought he would call her a base filthy devil, as it was said to himself most blasphemously, "Say we not well thou art a Samaritan, and hast a devil?" It was true of this woman of Samaria, she was a Samaritan that had a filthy devil; yea, the Jews took all the Samaritans for incarnate devils. But does Christ call her so? Nay; and it adds to the wonder of his discovering himself to her, that she was a slighter of Christ, he was undervalued by her; Art thou greater than our Father Jacob? says she, ver. 12: yea, she refused him a drink of cold water; yet he bears with all these affronts, and manifests himself to her, even to her; O wonderful! Do not several such wonders take place, when the Lord comes to speak and manifest himself to you. O believers, O sinners? Are there not wonders enough to be observed concerning this glorious person shewing himself? He might dwell in heaven to all eternity, as he dwelt in heaven from all eternity, and be for ever happy; the Father was good company to him, and he needed none of your company; he had infinite delight in himself more than in all his creatures; yet for all this, that he should speak and shew himself to you, how wonderful is it! His discoveries are wonderful, in that he seeks nothing of us; it is true, he made the fashion of seeking a drink of water from this woman, but that was only by the bye; he got meat and drink enough when he got the woman to himself; the great thing he was seeking was to get the woman divorced from all her base husbands, and married to himself; yea, betrothed to him for ever; yea, Christ's visits to some may be wonderful, not only to the sinner, that gets them; but to the saints and disciples, that see or hear tell of them. We are told here, ver. 27, the disciples, when they came marvelled that he talked with the woman; though they durst not challenge him, yet it was matter of offense to them that he so freely conversed with her. Christ can demean himself, and stoop so low to a poor sinner as it marvelous to flesh and blood; there is more kindness and humility in him alone; than in all his friends; they being advanced by grace, are apt to forget themselves, and to become so proud as to despise others, though they themselves were once lifted out of the dungeon, and chosen out of the dust. But then,

8. It was a powerful discovery that he made of himself to this woman, as appears by the gracious effects thereof. Now her heart goes off all things else, she forgets her water-pot, her mind is set upon some greater things, she ran away to the city, that she might invite others to follow him, who had so wonderfully manifested himself to her; and, indeed, all saving manifestations have a power attending them. The gospel comes not in word only, but in power; Christ's word has a drawing power. He draws with loving-kindness, while grace and love is poured from his lips. This word, wherein he visits the soul, has a gaining power, that wins the heart from all thing, and makes Christ all in all. And his manifestations have a sanctifying, transforming power; beholding his glory, we are changed into the same image; and especially they lead to a self-debasing and Christ-exalting exercise." pg. 645, 646 Ralph Erskine

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