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rooted in the stagnation and restlessness of the corrupted now

It is now in the now 7:23 AM Monday morning here where I am. I got up around 6:57 AM to face another day of my life. I am still waking up. I made a pot of coffee and got the morning paper off our driveway already. Outside this morning it feels like autumn. It is suppose to rain today. Carol is off today from work and has an eye appointment this morning. Sometime this morning we will go food gathering. I am on a diet so I will not get any food for me. I plan to eat very little the rest of my existence.

I got out to read these two books from my library.

"Beginning Well: Christian Conversion & Authentic Transformation" by Gordon T. Smith

"Transforming Conversion: Rethinking The Language And Contours Of Christian Initiation" by Gordon T. Smith

Yesterday I read stuff on the Charismatic movement and reviews of John MacArthur's book, "Strange Fire:The Danger of Offending the Holy Spirit with Counterfeit Worship". I went to bed early last night. Carol soon followed me to bed.

music moderat II

So existence goes by. Not much else to report. Oh, I forgot to mentioned Carol and I skyped Emily, Caleb and Josephine last night. Little Joseie is five days old. Emily's mother was there visiting when we skyped.

Well I will close to write in my paper diary and wait it out.

I now remember we watched on PBS the Ken Burns documentary on the Roosevelt's last night. I collect books on Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt.


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