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It is 5:02 PM Sunday evening. I have basically wandered the house today at a lost what to do with myself. I thought of taking Rudy for a walk someplace but not in the mood to go drive someplace on a Sunday afternoon. So I have been wandering the house waiting for nightfall. I also thought about going to get something to eat, but can't find a solid reason to go out for a meal. There is food in the house to eat if I must eat something. I am not into food.

I did watch this afternoon some professional football and a movie on TV. Now I am down in our basement reading "On Contemplation" by Guigo De Ponte. I will quote what I read in "On Contemplation" to kill some time. My life is not reality, but what one reads in the treatise "On Contemplation" is reality.

"Chapter Eight: The Third Requirement, Namely, a Method of Implementation: Avoiding Exterior Affairs; with Some Additional Comments on the Vision of God

To make the image of God (the human soul) pure and free to wait in attendance on her Creator, she must abstain as much she legitimately can from exterior actions. As Gregory says, "The spirit cannot be led away to contemplate heavenly things unless she earnestly withdraws from the things that entangle her externally." Thus the person thirsting for contemplation of God should avoid external matters, for unless he does he will be so full of the spectrum of worldly fantasies that he will never have a heart quieted and serene, ready with a pure, spiritual taste to receive the purest subject matter mentioned above. As the Scripture says, A satiated soul will despise honey (Prv 27:7). A satiated soul despises honey when, having fallen for and being full of external cares and busyness, she tastes no spiritual sweetness in the divine things she handles, reads, or listens to. Soon the loathing she feels in her spirit tramples down divine delights. For this reason it is essential, as far as human necessity permits, to abstain from all other preoccupations whatsoever.

Constant spiritual solicitude is also essential so that, filled with the gift of knowledge and understanding and invigorated by the vital flow of grace, we might persist in learning the aforementioned divine material subtly and spiritually-according to each person's potential." pg. 204,205 Guigo De Ponte

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