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who was who

Beatty, James Laughead, cons. engr.; b. Uniontown Pa., Nov. 29, 1893; p. John Calvin and Anna (Laughead). E. B.S. State Coll. 1915; m. Maude Hewitt June 30,1920 (dec.) m. 2d. Rubie Rae Hill July 3,1924 (dec.) children Billie Rae (Mrs. C. C. Cook). James Lamar, Valerie Ann (Mrs. John Thomas). Chemist, plant. engr. . . Home: Berkeley, CA. Died May 11, 1968

James L. Beatty was my Grandfather. Billie Rae was my Aunt. James Lamar Beatty was my Uncle and Valerie Ann was my Mother-they are all dead now. I never knew my Grandma Rubie Rae. My mother died Dec. 21,1968 coming home from work. She was killed by a speeding ambulance. There was no funeral for my mother. She was cremated. I do not know where her ashes are at? My Aunt died many years ago from throat cancer. I do not remember how my Uncle died? My Grandfather died from diabetes. I still have two Bibles my Grandfather gave me as Christ Mass gifts. I have one those Bibles next to me right now. It is signed Johnny Keen Dec. 1960. I wrote underneath from Grandpa 1960.

My mother was killed when she was 35 years old. I was 16 years old at the time of her death. My mother's death had a profound effect on me. I am always waiting for one of my loved ones to die. Every day I am expecting it all to end and back to being alone on the streets. When it comes to an end I tell myself "It has been a good ride, but now it is over." I am always waiting for the house to burn down. I am always waiting for death to strike one of us the Keen pack. Death is always waiting in the shadows ready to pounce. How long will my luck hold out? When will the sky crack and the earth explode?

6:18 p.m. - 2003-09-19

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