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It is 12:08 PM Thursday afternoon. I thought I would quote from the 13th century treatise "On Contemplation" by Guigo De Ponte since it goes along with my thoughts on true biblical Christianity in contrast to New Age spirituality or Cosmic Jesus spirituality.

"Chapter Two: The Many Reasons Why This Spiritual Life Is Highly Desired.

There are many reasons why a life of recalling Christ's life ought to be a sinful man's greatest longing. First, because of the forgiveness of his sins-for when he has passed judgment on himself, accusing himself in confession and justice and freely accepting his penance, he is so clean and free of the filth of sin that he walks attentively with God and meditates in the aforementioned manner. God is a consuming fire to those who cling to him, purging their sins.

Second, this life is desirable because of illumination, for the one who comes to his aid is a light shining in darkness. Illumined by his light, one is taught to set proper priorities-to place Christ and heavenly things first, followed by oneself, one's neighbor, and earthly things.

Third, this life is longed for on account of the grace of tears so necessary for a sinner in this valley of misery, a grace which Christ, the fountain of gardens and well of living waters (Ca 4:15), like to give to sinners who cling closely to him. For Christ is the one who calls out: If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink, and out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water (Jn 7:37-38). But let the faithful sinner maintains a true and eternal goal in view no matter what he does, lest he take hold of a merely transitory reward in the tears that come from time to time.

Fourth, this life is desirable as a renewal after sinful lapses in daily matters. For the Lord raises from failure those who steadfastly cling to him, as the Scripture says: Make a bronze serpent and set it up as a sign; anyone who has been bitten, if he looks at it, shall live (Nm 21:8; cf. Jn 3:14).

Fifth, this life is desired for its sweet, pleasant, and much-sought-after taste, as the Psalmist says: Taste and see that the Lord is sweet (Ps 33:9 [34:8]); as the Canticle of Canticles declares: Under the shadow of him whom I desired I saw down and his fruit was sweet to my mouth (Ca 2:3); and as the Canticle proclaims: Your name is as oil poured out (Ca 1:2). In all these ways his name is the soul's desire. The more the faithful sinner is inwardly renewed day-by-day, so much more eagerly he adores and cultivates again and again the life of his Savior, as it is said: They that eat me shall still hunger and they that drink me shall still thirst (Sir 24:29)[21]). The soul's eagerness has no end so long as the Savior's sweetness keeps condensing into dewdrops for her.

Sixth, this life is desirable because it brings knowledge of fatherly majesty, knowledge which can be had only through Christ, as the Scripture says: No one knows the Father except the Son and he to whom the Son reveals him (Mt. 11:27).

Seventh, it is desirable because it makes departure from this dangerous life safe and free of anxiety. For the faithful sinner who in this life gives Christ daily hospitality in his heart, making up from sweet meditations a verdant couch for Christ-the faithful sinner, who, at night on his bed, seeks him whom his soul loves-such a one, in turn, will be sought and received by Christ after death that he might have in eternity what he craved, wished for, and became accustomed to in this life: to be with Christ." pg. 198,199 Guigo De Ponte

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