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living life in the finite middle ground of ordinary human pursuits

It is 9:40 AM Thursday morning in the flow of decay. It is raining and thundering this morning. I opened the windows this morning to hear the rain fall to the dirt.

I think I got up this morning around 6:35 AM. I made a pot of coffee and then messed with our main computer. I had a giant sweet roll with a cup of coffee for my morning meal. I am on a diet remember. If I don't lose ten pounds I could go blind says my doctor.

After messing with our main computer I wrote some crap in my paper diary. I then sat in our living room listening to the music of Blonde Redhead and the rain storm. Carol my wife called from Boston to see if I was still decaying. Emily has not had her baby yet. Carol said Emily has a doctor's appointment today. We will see what the doctor's has to say about the birth.

So the morning drips by normal. I did read a little of the treatise "On Contemplation" by Guigo De Ponte this morning. Last night I mainly read "Flaubert: A Biography" by Frederick Brown. I went to bed early last night. Now it is a rainy Thursday morning.

I plan to sit in the dark all day waiting it out.

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