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Kollen Park

It is 9:03 AM Wednesday morning in the flow of life. This morning I took Rudy for a walk at Kollen Park. I did not want to leave him here all day without taking him for a walk. Every day since Carol has been gone Rudy looks at me with that look that says "Please take me for a walk". I usually ignore him and tell him to go lay on the couch and chew one of his feet. Rudy usually goes off with his head lower depressed and jumps on the couch to wait for his mother to come home.

I plan to pick up my friend Tim around 10 o'clock AM to head out to Lake Michigan to take pictures. I am sure the Lake today will be flat no extreme wave action this morning.

Well I will close.

Kollen Park

Kollen Park

Kollen Park

Kollen Park

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