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Family Tree

It is 9:04 PM Tuesday night. Another day has gone down into the history books. Well I suppose this day is not over till 12 o'clock Midnight. Tomorrow morning I invited my Christian friend Tim to come with me out to Lake Michigan to take pictures. It is suppose to be a nice day tomorrow and I thought I would drive out to Pier Coves Lake Michigan and take pictures. I told Tim I would pack us a picnic basket and we could eat lunch by the Lake someplace. There is a county park down the road from Pier Coves we can sit at a picnic table by the Lake and eat lunch.

This evening I have been sitting in the dark listening to my CD's. I have this nice stereo and a ton of CD's so I might as well use the stereo and listen to my CD's. There is nothing on TV worth watching. I plan to go to bed early tonight. Last night I went to bed early and laid in the dark thinking of all the people connected to me by family and marriages. I like to know my Family Tree going back to the Garden of Eden.

All I have attempted to read this evening is the novel "Flaubert's Parrot" by Julian Barnes.

I called Carol when I got back from my doctor's appointment. She and Emily were out walking to a city reservoir. My wife is a nurse and wanted to know what my doctor had to say about my state of health. I am no Spring chicken.

Well I suppose I will close to listen to music and wait to go to bed. It always amazes me I have a place to sleep at night. When I was young I was homeless.

I took this picture after my doctor's appointment was done in the parking lot over looking farm land.
farm land

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