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an effort to give permanence to transitory time

It is 12:03 PM Thursday afternoon. It is a sunny cool day. Last night we opened up the house to let in the outside air.

I am down in the lower level writing on our old lap top. I do not remember right now why I came down here. I am really not in the mood to write. I hardly slept last night. I pulled my back last night and hardly slept due to the pain. I woke up around 2:30 AM wondering if I was having a heart attack or something worse. I called Carol at the hospital to find out what she thought. So this morning I have been nursing a sore back.

Carol made me make a doctor's appointment this morning. I hate going to the doctor's! I hate appointments! I hate some doctor or nurse poking me or asking me questions about my health. I just want to be left alone! But we have to have a health form filled out by my doctor for our health insurance. So next week I go to my doctor's and I will tell him I am doing fine. I will tell him that I feel absolutely wonderful! I would never confess to my doctor how awful I feel at times. I just want to suffer in silence.

Plus to makes things worse I have to get my blood drawn before going to the doctor’s next week! I hate having my blood sucked out of my veins!

Not much going on this morning. I am now in the afternoon hours. I have been reading "Flaubert: A Biography" by Frederick Brown today.

Well I will close since there is nothing else to write.

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