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a tireless dissector of cadavers

It is 8:33 PM Wednesday night in the flow of my blood stream. There is life in the blood therefore we are not to drink blood like vampires.

I am alone once again with my books and music. Carol works tonight and then is off till next month. My wife needs a vacation once in awhile. I have never been into going on vacations. When we were raising our three children we went on vacations. Carol and I believed in giving our kids childhood memories of family vacations.

I do not remember going on vacations when I was growing up. I often think of writing a memoir of my childhood where I would write about all the things I do not remember. For example I do not remember my mother kissing me or reading to me story books. I do not remember being hugged or told "I love you". I tell our children when I talk to them over the phone "I love you". I love our three children and the people they have married. Parents should tell their children "I love you".

This evening when not watching birds or wandering the house I have been reading a book I received today in the mail titled, "Flaubert: A Biography" by Frederick Brown.

This evening our middle child Josiah called because he needed his mother's social security number.

Our daughter Beth and granddaughter Louisa skyped this evening before my wife rushed off to work.

Next month September 2014 our first born son Caleb Jon and his wife are expecting their first child. Having children is a mystical experience.

So here I sit drifting in Africa and listening to the music of Mogwai. I should close and go read some more on the life of Gustave Flaubert. Tomorrow will soon be at my throat demanding something.


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