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God calls the loving soul to dwell with himself in the cloud

It is 2:22 PM Wednesday afternoon on a warm sunny cloudy day. We still have our central air system on because it is still too humid to turn it off. When our house is closed up it smells like old carpet and dog. But it is home so be thankful it does not smell worse. I wonder what heaven smells like? I often wonder how I smell. I am always smelling stuff around me. I like smells.

I left for the library book nook around 9:40 AM and got home around 1:25 PM. On the way home from the library book nook I stopped at a local thrift shop to look at their used books. I did not find any used books to bring home today. I did bring home one used book from the library book nook titled, "Trapeze" a novel by Simon Mawer. I have in our library Mawer's novel, "The Glass Room".

While at the book nook when not help people I read, "Flaubert's Parrot" a novel by Julian Barnes.

This morning I read "On Contemplation" by Guigo De Ponte. Carol is sleeping because she worked last night. She works tonight and then she is off for two weeks.

Well I suppose I will close since I feel sleepy. Existence keeps speeding by!

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