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he regarded Eskimo poems as revolutionary prophecies

It is 6:52 AM Wednesday morning in the flow. I am waking up to another day. What can one do but face it. I hardly slept last night. I am thinking of going down in the lower level and laying down in the dark. So it is a new day to fight for Queen and country. Not much else I can do.

I have nothing to do super important. It is all a song and a dance. Yesterday I basically wandered the house and read my books. Carol got home late afternoon from hanging out with her cousin that is going blind. I read these books yesterday when not falling asleep from exhaustion.

"Alternating Current" by Octavio Paz

"The Collected Poems of Octavio Paz 1957-1987"

"Last Stories and Other Stories" by William T. Vollmann

"Augustus" a novel by John Williams

Late yesterday afternoon I received in the mail a book I had ordered titled, "Augustus" a novel by John Williams. I started reading this novel before going to bed last night.

Well not much else to report. Yesterday was a cold dark gray rainy day. This morning there are clear skies. Existence keeps decaying. There is victory in Jesus Christ.

old diary entry Sept. 8, 2002


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