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a vision of immediate reality

It is 6:43 PM Sunday night. Beth, Andy and Lou left for GR this afternoon. We meaning Carol and I might meet up with them this week in GR to do something with Andy's Mom. Nothing is for sure. It all depends on the weather. We will see Beth Thursday night. Beth takes a train home Friday morning. Andy is flying back to their home with Louisa.

I had a quiet afternoon. I laid down for an hour down in the lower level. I have been reading my books and wandering the house. Our main computer is still not working even after Andy messed with it. I think the problem is At & T service line and not our computer. My downstairs lap tops are not acting the same meaning not able to connect to the internet. It is like the computer wants to connect but there is blockage or not a clean internet wire line to the Internet World. I am wishing Now we never got AT&T service meaning computer and television wireless bundle package. It is all depressing.

Never get AT&T bundle package is my advice. A big pain in the butt.

So here I sit talking to myself. Carol went to Covenant PCA tonight.

I have been reading this evening "Alternating Current" by Octavio Paz.

Well do not know what else to report. Existence keeps speeding by. No way of escape.

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