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the poet speaks of the eye of Polyphemus

It is 9:24 AM Saturday morning in the divine flow. I leave soon for the library book nook. Carol, Andy, Beth and Louisa left for the Holland Farmer's Market this morning.

Carol and I were up around 6 o'clock AM this morning. We made a quiche for breakfast. After feeding everyone I cleaned the kitchen and messed with Louisa. Louisa was happy to see her Dad yesterday. Andy missed his girls. When Andy goes back to Phoenix he is taking Lou with him on the plane whereas Beth is taking a train back. Andy is giving Beth a break from Louisa. That was nice of him. Taking care of baby Louisa is a 24 hour job! I am glad our kids are now grown and married (and having kids of their own).

This morning I have read only a little of the treatise, "The Roads To Zion Mourn" by Hugh of Balma.

I am extremely tired today. I need a vacation. Last night is a blur. Existence right now is a blur.

Well I will close to get ready to go out into the Wasteland.

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