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a search for contact with a transcendent good

It is 5:10 PM Wednesday evening. Existence goes by. Nothing says the same. Someday when I am in heaven it will be 5:10 PM someplace in the world. Very few people in the world know I am here writing these words. Someday all my words will only be known by God the All-Knowing One. We can not hide anything from God. God does not forget anything either.

I had a normal day reading my books and wandering the house. Off and on I held Louisa while Beth did something. Lou is a hand full! Right now Carol, Beth and Lou are out walking Rudy.

This afternoon I read these books when possible.

"Lost in the Forest" a novel by Sue Miller

"Inventing Paradise: The Greek Journal 1937-47" by Edmund Keeley

"Five Works" by Octavo Paz (Alternating Current, Conjunctions And Disjunctions, The Monkey Grammarian, Marcel Duchamp: Appearance Stripped Bare, and On Poets And Others)

Like I said it was a normal day. Carol just told me they are going grocery shopping.

Well I will close to read some poetry by Paz.


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