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now carried off to be separated from happy enjoyment of God

It is now in the divine flow 12:12 PM Tuesday afternoon. It is a cold gray day here by Lake Michigan. A good day to take a long afternoon nap.

Beth and Louisa went downtown to meet a friend and her kids for lunch. I have been wandering the house and reading Hugh of Balma "The Roads To Zion Mourn". I read and then I contemplate what I have read. You can not read Hugh of Balma casually, but with serious reflection. I will quote something I read this morning that has been on my mind this morning.

"The first arises from observing the wretched torture in which body and soul, which have sinned, are punished together as long as God is in glory. Isaiah says, Their worm shall not die and their fire shall not be quenched (Is 66:24). This worm is the remorseful conscience which deserves to bear eternally the punishment of sensory pain and damnation [i.e., separation from God], sorrowing for the things done in the world which, far from doing the person any good, now oppress him with sharp pain. Of such things the book of Wisdom testifies: What has pride profited us? etc. [Or what advantage has the boasting of riches brought us?] (Wis 5:8).

77. And the Most High threatens eternal punishment for the damned through the mouth of Isaiah, who says, Take away the wicked, that he might not see the glory of God (Isa 26:10). And well does he call him wicked, for love alone can make the human spirit lead her life with that proper piety by which she offers true worship to her own Creator. By God's worthy judgment the one who, while she lived in the flesh, did not prepare and dispose herself to be chained by love to uncreated goodness is now carried off to be separated from happy enjoyment of God. For she is truly carried off as she delays and dies in darkness, separated from the happy vision of divine beauty by her pressing sins. Isaiah also says, That he who lives the life of a brute beast on earth shall not see the glory of God (Isa 26:10). It would be no just judgment if such a person were to exult in and enjoy the angelic life of knowledge of eternal truth and love of uncreated goodness that constitutes heavenly glory." pg. 138 Hugh of Balma

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