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ground zero

It is 2:02 PM Friday afternoon in the flow of existence. I keep wondering if we are finally coming to the end of this present evil age. It looks like we will be going to war with Russia soon The Bear mentioned in Old Testament prophecy. We have all over the Middle East tribal warfare between Muslims. We have Muslims killing Christians. We have Muslims killing Jews. We have Jews killing Muslims. It looks like a war between the West and the East. We have a ebola plague in Africa. We have droughts and forest fires everywhere. The list goes on and on. The cities of the world are on fire. The wails of the dying fill the air waves. So here I sit in our nice comfortable house in a nice quiet middle class neighborhood drinking coffee writing about the state of humanity. At times it all seems so absurd.

I am extremely tired right now so I will write about what used books I bought today at the big used books sale held in South Haven today. I bought these used books to ADD to our library.

"Ghosts" a novel by John Banville

"Ground Zero" a novel by William Gibson

"Every Love Story Is A Ghost Story: A Life Of David Foster Wallace" biography by D. T. Max

"Red Gold" a novel by Alan Furst

"Play It As It Lays" a novel by Joan Didion

"The Warrior Queens: The Legends And The Lives Of The Women Who Have Led Their Nations in War" by Antonia Fraser

"A New Life" a novel by Bernard Malamud

"The Bishop's Daughter" A Memoir by Honor Moore

"Orley Farm" Two Volumes Bound as One by Anthony Trollope

"Last Orders" a novel by Graham Swift

"Up In The Old Hotel" short stories by Joseph Mitchell

"A Good School" a novel by Richard Yates

"Elizabeth Alone" a novel by William Trevor

"The Collected Poems of Octavio Paz 1957-1987" Edited by Eliot Weinberger

"The Doris Lessing Reader"

"A Widow's Story" A Memoir by Joyce Carol Oates

"Art And Affection: A Life of Virginia Woolf" biography by Panthea Reid

"The Spies Of Warsaw" a novel by Alan Furst

"The Wolf-Man" By The Wolf-Man "The double story of Freud's most famous case"

"Cutting For Stone" a novel by Abraham Verghese

That is all the used books I bought today. Well I wish I could write more but I am dead tired. Maybe I will feel more alive later and write more.


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