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It is 8:10 PM Thursday night. I am down in the lower level of our house because it is cool and quiet down here. It is too early to go to bed and I thought one way to keep myself from passing out is to write in my LJ blog. Carol and Bethany are upstairs watching television. I have been mainly reading today when not messing with our baby granddaughter "The Roads To Zion Mourn" by Hugh of Balma.

Due to being wasted I have noticed my brain is not functioning at full speed these days. I can't remember somethings lately like if I have eaten or taken my daily hot shower. Oh well nothing I can do about that but carry on like a good soldier.

Tomorrow morning my wife and I driving south to South Haven Michigan to a big used books sale. I wonder what used books we will find this year at this annual used books sale.

Well I suppose I will close. I took out of my main study a TON of books and brought them down here to gather dust. I plan to read some more of the book "Last Stories and Other Stories" by William T. Vollmann this month.

Well I will close to sit here in the dark waiting to go to bed. Here is a quote from the treatise "The Roads To Zion Mourn" by Hugh of Balma.

"17. Charity is inflamed, made whole, and perfected through this wisdom. For, since the most blessed God himself is a consuming fire (Dt 4:24; Heb 12:29), the more he drives every sort of chill from the wayfarer's spirit, the more she approaches him inwardly through love's outstretching. Because she thus aspires through anagogic movements toward a more intimate union with him, she exposes herself to the consuming rays of the Spiritual Sun and, like a wick exposed to the rays of the sun, is ignited by fire sent from on high.

Hence this sun is said to consume spirits in three ways. First, by itself it increases the spirit's ardor, and by means of ardor cuts out the obstacles to love, so that love might blaze more ardently. This sun then piles on the spiritual favors by which love itself is perfected in the Spiritual Sun. Second, the Spiritual Sun sets the human spirit ablaze to love God himself most ardently. Third, this wisdom fires up the human spirit to love of each of her neighbors as herself and she, in turn, sick with insatiable yearning, does not relent from aspiring to the fullest possible union." pg. 113 Hugh of Balma


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